Welcome to Network of Exiled Journalists

Journalism is for the most part acknowledged that reporting is one of the hardest occupations and callings on the planet. Writers face different sorts of weight and dangers, including detainment, torment, exile and outcast. Consistently columnists need to leave their country and look for a protected safe house to have the capacity to survive their central goal, which is dispersal of data and uncovering social and political indecencies. The press freedom indexes and reports complied by various eminent organizations have shown the persecution and the level of impunity with which journalists are persecuted for their reporting and writing activities. Press freedom in the world faces a more severe and diverse set of challenges than at any point in the last five years. While some progress has been made to push back against censorship, increased violence against journalists and new forms of censorship now pose a significant concern. It has been observed that the arbitrary allocation of public resources to control media outlets, legislation to restrict press freedom, a lack of access of information for independent journalists, arbitrary use of regulation and oversight, government censorship, an environment of intimidation that inhibits dissenting speech, political persecution, and impunity for crimes against journalists. Weak rule of law in some countries and inefficient institutions in others increase the risk to journalists. A free and vibrant press is a key pillar of a vibrant and functioning democratic society. According to a report by freedom house, an independent watchdog organization dedicated to the expansion of freedom and democracy around the world, worldwide, press freedom has declined to its lowest point in more than ten years. In 2015, only fourteen percent of the world's population - one in seven people - lives in countries with a free press. The report highlights a growing regional trend of government persecution and harassment of journalists, as well as an increase in violent attacks carried out by state and non-state actors with near-complete impunity.

United Kingdom, in view of her national laws and global traditions, is resolved to give sanctuary to all persons getting away constraint for political and social exercises, including reporting.

Network of Exiled Journalists (NEJ) is a body established under National Union of Journalists (NUJ) consisting of banished columnists in UK and its point is to advance the status of ousted writers in joint effort of other expert columnist associations and foundations in this nation. The NEJ is focused on opportunity of expression and battles segregation in light of race, religion, and political and ideological perspectives in its positions. NEJ under its various programs and activities aims at highlighting the conditions and concerns of the exiled journalists seeking sanctuary in United Kingdom.