All journalists living in exile in UK can apply for membership in the NEJ. The executive committee processes applications and decide on membership.

Who can be a member?

1. Any refugee or asylum seeker journalist aged 18 and over interested in promoting the objectives of the Network of exiled Journalists (NEJ)

2. Not for profit groups, Associations, Charity or trade unions interested in furthering the objectives.

3. Any person aged 18 and over or anybody corporate or incorporated association interested in furthering the objectives.

How to become a member

1. Anyone who falls into one of the above criteria and has sympathy with the objectives of the network may fill in the membership application form and apply to Network of Exiled journalists (NEJ)

2. The joint committee of NEJ and NUJ have the right to approve and reject applications for membership.

Application Form and Further Information

The Membership Form can be downloaded below. Once completed, please send the form to:

Network of Exiled Journalists (NEJ)

C/o National Union of Journalists (NUJ)

Suite 12a,

111, Piccadilly,

Manchester, M1 2HY